What brands do we work with?
Normally we accept all brands for repair.

Famous brands are more expensive to purchase but -regardless of the age- are always worth repairing.
The restoration or recoloring of your mannequin creates a new fresh look for your company, museum or private collection!

Below some of the famous brands:

What is the difference between a "brand less" and a "brand" mannequin?
The biggest difference we see in the two are the details and the over all finish.
Regular mannequins are often lighter in weight and thinner in quality; what doesn't necessarily mean to say that they can't be beautiful. 

Brand mannequins are more solid and more time is spend in the details such as the ears and hands.
This contributes to the fact that the price is usually quite a bit higher.

Regardless if you have a regular or brand mannequin, we will always make something beautiful out of them!

Don't hesitate to contact us, together with you we will create the perfect mannequin!