Gentleman custom made
The possibilities for gentleman mannequins are much the same as for the ladies mannequins.
However there are a few differences:

  • Where as with lady mannequins we try to accentuate everything, with gentleman mannequins it's the complete opposite: the more natural, the better.
  • We give your mannequin a new complexion color and a masculine charisma.
  • Glass eyes give more depth and realness. 

Shops find it very important that the male mannequin has the correct masculine charisma and looks very lifelike.
On an attractive mannequin everything looks even better which of course helps the sale of their merchandise.

War museums and military collectors on the other hand wish to have other physical features such as fatigue, dirty hands and face and in some cases wounds. 

You have an idea but aren't sure if it can be realized?
Don't hesitate to make an appointment!